The 1862 Gatling Gun Reborn

Gary Michie portrays Dr. Gatling

Gary Michie portrays Dr. Gatling as he answers questions about the gatling gun during a Civil War reenactment event.

As Major Michie, Gary commands the 1st Michigan Light Artillery, Company E unit as part of the Washington Civil War Association's Union Battalion of the Army of the Columbia.

Gary is a retired machinist and an inventor, and has directed his skills toward producing historically correct reproductions of Dr. Gatling's early rapid-repeating fire arms.  Much research effort has been expended to ensure that the resulting gatling gun conforms as closely as possible to Richard Gatling's original productions.  As a result, Michie Armory is now making working reproduction 1862 Type 1 Gatling Guns available for sale to reenactors and collectors.